Hove Park Living has been a popular publication in the Hove Park area since September 2014 being delivered every month to over 3000 local addresses and businesses.

We also have several branded distribution points around Hove Park where people can pick up their copy of Hove Park Living each month. See below for a list of where our distribution boxes are located.

Hove Park Living is a combination of local business adverts and articles sent in from Hove Park residents and community groups in the greater Hove Park area. An uploaded version of the latest edition is available to the left of this page. Just click on the image of the cover and scroll through. Back copies of previous editions are all available below.

If you are interested in advertising please see our rates below.

If you are a member of a local group or if you have something you might like to get published please get in touch.

To see the rates for advertising in Hove Park Living please see here.

As well as door to door distribution please see all the multiple pick up points where members of the public can pick up copies of Hove Park Living below…

Hove Park Living

Hove Park Living Pick Up Points

All residents and businesses in Hove Park do receive Hove Park Living each month however the following locations have a branded distribution box where members of the public can pick up their own copy of the publication each month:

Hove Park Deli

Sandwich Masters

Hove Park Cafe

Nola Deli (Woodland Drive)