Introducing ‘post virus’ changes to help you promote your business to more potential customers for less money!!


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Over lock-down we thought long and hard about what we could do to help all local businesses when we were all allowed to go back to work and things started slowly returning to a more normal situation.

Now that things are starting to return to normal and most businesses can start working again the Catch 22 is that more than at any time in recent history they need to promote themselves to their potential customers as broadly and widely as possible but due to a reduced income over this recent period have less money to do so! Tricky!!

So the question to ourselves over lock-down was “How can we help local business increase the impact of their advertising by spending less money”!!

From the perspective of our old business model this represented an interesting conundrum but we think  what we came up with is a solution that benefits everyone!

So here is our solution to this issue which we we have implemented with great results since we started printing and distributing our magazines again in JULY.

What we decided to do as a trial was to change the format of our magazines to create a new format and pricing structure that would help all local businesses get back on track by allowing them to promote to many more homes for less money.

Whereas previously we printed 7 separate magazines that went to 7 different communities we decided to combine these magazines and create two new publications. They are called …The BRIGHTONIAN and The HOVARIAN.

We are delivered to the same houses as we have always delivered to with the areas covered as follows…

The BRIGHTONIAN is distributed to 12,000 homes and venues in Fiveways, Hanover, Queens Park and Kemptown

The HOVARIAN is distributed to 12,000 homes and venues in West Hove, Poets Corner and Hove Park.

Previously we all as the magazines going through residents letterboxes we also used to place a lot of our magazines in cafes and waiting rooms for people to pick up and although we still do this, due the concerns with the Covid-19 virus it is harder to get the magazines into these venues. For this reason from August we decided to increase our door to door distribution. Now THE BRIGHTONIAN also goes to all homes in the North Laines and THE HOVARIAN now goes to a section of Central Hove as well!

The magazines are A5 and have editorial sections dedicated to each area of the city where they are distributed. They also have a section for citywide articles. The percentage of editorial is higher than the previous format and feedback from local residents has been amazing! Read some of their comments here.

But the only the reason for this change is to help you promote yourself to many more prospective customers for less money.

See the new rates here.

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Our purpose is to connect up local people with other local people, businesses and activities thus creating an improved community spirit and a more prosperous business environment.

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