Tim Clark

Owner and head of operations

My job is to co-ordinate and make happen all the various functions of the business so once a month all planets align and with the stars in exactly the right place and, through all my team’s combined efforts, our full list of popular local magazines land on the doormats of Brighton and Hove homes on time and full of relevant local information as well as attractive adverts representing great local businesses.

When not doing that you might find me at a local non-league football match, walking my dog or sailing my boat off Shoreham with my son.

Jane Galvin

Editorial Co-ordinator and Office Manager

I co-ordinate all the editorial content that appears in the magazines, from receiving the initial request for editorial space from local community groups etc to making sure it arrives on time, is proofread and is in the exact right place for the lay-out team by the deadline date. I also have many other duties in the office such as booking in advertising and invoicing.

I do like the challenge of doing new things and quite often you will see my photos appearing on the covers of the West Hove Directory or Poets Pages!

Mandeep Birdy

Communications Manager

My fundamental role is to take the load off the owner of the company by monitoring and controlling the communications he receives from all the different areas of the city where we have magazines. Typically on a daily basis I find myself answering people’s general questions, dealing with advertising enquiries or forwarding editorial proposals to the editorial co-ordinator.

For 10 years I was part of the lay-out team but have recently moved to this new role which I am really enjoying!!

Rusdi Salah and team…

Lay-out and design team

Due to the nature of producing monthly magazines we only work for an intense period of about 4 days each month. As soon as everything is in place and we get the green light we are flat out designing all the magazines per the exact instructions we receive.

Catriona Scobie

Account Manager at Gemini Print

I have been the Account Manager with Brighton and Hove Magazines for many years now. Once we receive the files ready to print from the design team we get straight onto the plate making and printing and get the printed magazines boxed up and dropped off ready for distribution. We are based in Shoreham.

* Note from owner: We have used Gemini for many, many years. In this business a good relationship with your printers is essential. Gemini are a brilliant printers who have never let us down. Highly recommended!


Maggie Theed

Account manager

It is my job to make sure all invoices are settled as agreed and to keep in touch with customers and address any difficulties customers might be having in this regard.

Obviously we fully expect to be paid on time but we aren’t monsters here at Brighton and Hove Magazines and we do help businesses with repayment plans if a customer can’t honour their original terms.

Colette Pettitt

Social Media Manager

I am responsible for keeping our social media updated and posting regular updates on each of the different social media platforms we use.

All our magazines have their own Facebook pages and we also have a Google My Business and LinkedIn account that needs looking after!

Nelson the Dog

Company Mascot and Morale Booster

I see my role as mainly hanging about a bit and wagging my tail. I have noticed that I am quite good when things are getting a bit stressful at lightening the mood!

I do sometimes go on deliveries which I enjoy as I get to sniff a lot of different areas in Brighton and Hove and I get to ride in the front of the company delivery bike which is great fun!!