Can we design your artwork for you?

Yes, we’d love to design your artwork for you. All we need is for you to e-mail us the words you want in it, any logos or pictures, and maybe a brief sort of idea of what you might like in terms of colors and look, et cetera. I mean, we can look at your website, maybe do a similar sort of style. If you send all that to us in good time, then we can get it approved back to you. We can make any amends when you see one, and that way, backwards and forth, we can come up with an advert that you really like. There is a 12.50 pound plus VAT fee for doing artwork design if it’s a relatively straightforward job. If it’s more complicated, then we would quote per job, but in essence, we can do your artwork for you. If it makes things easier and helps you get in the magazines, then we’d love to help.

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