Do we get good feedback from residents?

You know, one of the lovely things about running this business is the feedback we do get back from residents.

It would appear that residents love getting our magazines. Our distributors come back every month. They’re giving magazines out. They come back with stories about how they’ve met someone on a doorstep who was opening their door as they were putting the magazine through and how pleased they were to receive it.

I can’t remember one instance of someone saying they actually didn’t want to get the magazine, so I think that’s a fantastic sign that the magazines are very well received by the communities which they serve.

I mean, one of the reasons that is the case is that we try to make all of our content in each separate magazine relevant to that specific area. So, everything that residents are reading about is useful, relevant and very local information.

I’m in Hove Park at the moment. This is an example of something that we could easily feature in a magazine. It’s happening in Hove Park. It’s a local car show, so people getting the Hove Park magazine through their door would be interested in something like this and that’s the policy we have for our editorial and that’s why I think they are so popular as publications.

But don’t believe me. Read the residents’ comments on this website and you’ll see what people are saying about it.

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