How will you know if your advertising is working?

Well, there’s a few simple things you can do to check out the effectiveness of your advertising. The first one is having the policy of simply asking everyone who calls where they got your number from. That way you can track exactly where people are finding you and whether they’re finding you through your advert or not. A more sophisticated method is using what’s called a tracking number, which is a specific phone number you can have created just for your adverts. People phone that number and it gets transferred through to your phone and then you get a a weekly report on the calls that have come through that tracking number. That way you can tell exactly who’s calling you through the adverts.

There is a school of thought which would say that your advert is gonna help with your brand awareness. If you have say, for example, a sign written van, maybe a shopfront, maybe boards outside the job you’re doing, and an advert, the combined effect is a brand awareness so that people when they think about needing a particular service that you deliver, they think of your name. And in that way it’s a lot harder to quantify the effectiveness of the advertising ’cause it’s part of a bigger picture. However, it is very important to track how your adverts are doing, and of course it’s really important that they are working for you. So there are a few things that you can do in order the track the effectiveness of your advertising.

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