What is the demographic of people who receive our magazines?

The first thing to say is that the each of the communities where we have a magazine were specifically chosen for a couple of good reasons. The first one was that they have an inherent sense of community. So each area already has a relatively strong sense of community. So people receiving a magazine that represented that area would feel like they could own that magazine, it’ll be part of the area, and they would respond much better to having their own publication. So that’s the first criteria in which we chose which areas to have a magazine.

The second criteria was that each area has to be mainly made up of homes that are owned by the residents, and also that the residents have to be in an income bracket where they have disposable income to spend each month on advertisers. So each of our magazines is in a relatively affluent area. The majority of people who receive it are professional, often families, who have money to spend on advertisers each month.

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