What is Trusted and Local?

Trusted and Local is a reviews website exclusively for advertisers in Brighton and Hove Magazines. Subscribers to our enhanced level of advertising have full use of this site.

Here is an example of how it works…

A resident turns to one of our magazines as their sash windows need attention, for example. They find a sash windows company in the magazine and the advert has the Trusted and Local logo on it. The resident then knows that they can read reviews of that specific business at trustedandlocal.co.uk

So they visit the site to check the business out. They simply find the business name in the A-Z listings or enter the business name in the search box.

Each business listing has a business profile for that business that includes:

  • Full information about the business
  • Email and web links
  • Logo of official bodies you are a member of and a logo to say that your insurance has been checked.

There is also a section for up to 10 photos.

Log on details are provided for businesses to be able to log on and update these two sections themselves

The third section of the site is where reviews from your customers are posted.

The resident looks at the pages and reads the reviews from other local residents who have used your services and this gives them the confidence in your business to give you a call and hopefully result in you getting the job.

Businesses who subscribe to Trusted and Local are supplied with a card to leave with customers after a job is complete that invites them to leave a review.

As an incentive for your customer to add a review, every 25th review we have added to the site that customer will receive 2 free cinema tickets.

Why bother with Trusted and Local website? Well…The stats don’t lie…

91% of people use online reviews before deciding on using a service or buying a particular product. Some people use them every time, some people use them occasionally, but the overall figure is 91%.

86% of people will trust an online review as if it were a personal recommendation and 68% of people form an opinion on a business after reading between one and six online reviews.

These are the statistics that led to the development of the Trusted and Local website. It helps businesses to show potential customers what they can do and the results they get and it gives residents the peace of mind and confidence they need to use a business for the first time.

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